a note from amanda

A Note From Amanda


As the Chief Marketing Officer of a public company and as a Professor of Marketing, I have searched to the ends of the internet and back in hopes of finding the ultimate resource for employees and students to uncover the true magic of Influencer Marketing. Yes, when you do it right, it seems like magic. But too often, it’s just the opposite. Agencies and marketers want to steer you towards a template approach, but marketing is not one-size-fits-all; you can't just replicate what you see work for another brand, at another time, in a different context. On the other side, you see the overnight social media stars, racking up followers on a platform and crowning themselves as experts—experts who can charge a lot of money for their…expertise.“ Influencer Marketing” is one of the biggest buzz terms of the decade, but it couldn’t be more misunderstood. The mission of The Influencer Code is to become the most valuable and trusted go-to resource for the future of Influencer Marketing. I’m proud to say there isn’t another book this credible or comprehensive, and I want to invite you to be a part of it.Whether it’s a personal story, a case study, an insight, or a perspective on the industry, I’d love to hear from you. The Influencer Code aims to be the gold standard in Influencer Marketing, but it’s only able to stay that way if we continue to constantly evolve, adapt, and collaborate and support all of YOU: the experts and the influencers who make the community what it is and who do the real work. In the spirit of true influencer marketing, to go big, we must go together, and you have my personal guarantee of satisfaction and growth as a result of this book or your money back!