katia bassi

“From the moment Amanda told me she was writing the book on influencer marketing, I knew it would be a must-read. There is a reason top brands flock to her for compelling expertise and an extensive way of thinking on this topic. She does not disappoint; her unique ability to provide actionable frameworks and communicate them with such clarity and insight is a rare gift. Highly recommended read!”

Katia Bassi

Chief Marketing Officer, Automobil Lamborghini


“A Force! Amanda isn’t just a triple threat in life, she understands marketing on a different level. Amanda’s ability to take complex and abstract situations and devise strategies to help you break through the noise of a fragmented market and achieve the big goals is impressive.”

Jesse Itzler

Serial Entrepreneur, Author of NYT Best Seller Living with a Seal


“Simply put, Amanda rocks the marketing world! She possesses a 360 degree vision of how a concept will play across media channels. Armed with the innate ability to break outside the box, garner deep insight and transform people and companies.”

Andy Roddick

World Champion Tennis Player, AR Foundation Chair


“A force of magnetic energy, passion with a true higher purpose. Amanda has the ability to turn the most seemingly impossible ideas into reality”

Tamilee Webb

Buns of Steel, Webb International


“Amanda is the master of getting you where you need to be.”

Jen Groover

Entrepreneur, MSNBC Correspondent, Author of What If & Why Not?


“Amanda is one of those brilliant influencer marketing experts who has not only brought huge success to her clients over the years, she has taught thousands of others to do the same. Amanda literally created the first accredited influencer marketing courses for some of the world's top schools. Amanda is simply a force to reckon with in the influencer marketing industry and without question one of the most valuable marketing experts you will find. An industry must-read!”

Shane Barker

Forbes Council


“Amanda gets it. She knows what it takes to build relevant brands in the 21st century by doing real marketing, not just advertising. In particular, she’s a master of influencer marketing, and has powerful insights and recommendations to help brand leaders divert their resources away from generating attention and toward increasing influence. I consider Amanda a true pioneer in the field of influencer marketing, having first honed her craft as an early adopter of social media marketing, and now ably sharing her expertise in influencer marketing as a professor, author, speaker and advisor. Perhaps best of all, she’s as kind and generous as she is smart.”

Chris Kneeland

CEO & Cofounder of Cult Collective and The Gathering of Cult Brands

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““Wow! Oh wow, Amanda is incredible! My team can’t stop talking about her presentation. It was inspiring, insightful, engaging, and most importantly: Actionable!!


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“It’s tough to use words to describe Amanda Russell. She is a true expert in marketing and specifically influencer marketing. Amanda thinks about influencer marketing in an entirely different way and can demonstrate what she teaches so effectively (and entertainingly) that people actually get it. There are many that are very good in training in speaking about marketing, influence and success; but few can do it in a way that the learner can easily apply what they have learned. Its hard to describe, but Amanda is able to teach and demonstrate in a way where it just clicks. Simply put Amanda Russell is very, very impressive.”

-Dr Erin Fall Haskell, Host/Co- Producer Good Morning LA LA LAND

richard tagle

“Your guidance on how to expand influence via social media also has implications for non-profit and philanthropy work. Social media influence is a new bridge not just for cultural influence but also anywhere from product to program to policy. Anyone doing work in changing the world should heed your advice. You can quote me on that one.”


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Amanda Russell’s has proven yet again how to take a dream & vision and turn it into a reality with her launch and execution of the Renaissance Women (RW) Summit. Her approach and personality set the tone as both dynamic and powerful yet refreshing and warm. I left the summit with profound and transformative knowledge in so many diverse and personally applicable areas. I learned a few things about myself that have shifted a few things in the way I conduct my own personal and professional life. I am honored to be apart of RW and look forward to being part of anything Amanda puts her energy and beliefs towards

On another note: Can I also add a personal tidbit that I loved and appreciated? About halfway through, Amanda, looking every bit the stunning beauty that she is known to be, in a tailored white dress and sky high stilettos, puts on her combats boots, and walks around to EVERY person, at EVERY table to personally sit and introduce herself to each and every woman. I loved it!

Amanda is a different kind of woman, she has a natural charisma and magnetism, & even as a television producer, I’ve met few people in my lifetime with such a quality on this level, and it is very needed today. RW and Amanda make you feel special, like you are important and can do anything -and she’s leading the charge of bringing dynamic women together to do more than just talk.”


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“[Amanda] has the unique ability to truly engage with the audience and make you believe that transformation is possible and within reach. She moves audiences to action."