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In addition to teaching across the marketing program, Amanda designed & created UCLA's Influencer Marketing course, the world’s first fully accredited program in Influencer Marketing. She has now brought this curriculum to the University of Texas at Austin and is in instituting it in universities across the globe.

Chief Marketing Officer

Amanda’s marketing and brand strategy firm was acquired (in 2018) by Valeo Technologies, a 30+ year old legacy fitness and security brand headquartered in New York. Amanda is leading the global re-brand and re-launch strategy as the first female Chief Marketing Officer

Top YouTube Influencer

Amanda Russell TV, a YouTube channel that hit 1,000,000 views within 2 months of launch, and that grew into a partnership deal with Maker Studios and Trium Entertainment (the creator of the hit TV series The Biggest Loser).

Business Consultant & Coach

Lamborghini: Amanda sits on the advisory board for Lamborghini Automobil, one of a handful on women selected internationally from among the most influential and representative individuals in business and culture. Established in 2018, it is a board that enjoys a unique view of the world and which Lamborghini wanted to put together in order to benefit from important external contributions in its path as a pioneering brand.

Amanda is also a board member spear heading marketing and influencer strategies for both the Andy Roddick Foundation and The Robins School of Business at the prestigious University of Richmond.

Digital Marketing Expert, an online fitness hub, including a full paid subscription program with over 80,000 subscribers (started as Amanda’s business school thesis project and is now an official case study on how to use YouTube to build a brand).

Founder & Activist

The Founder of Renaissance Women (RW), an exclusive community and conference for today's most inspiring female leaders, executives, entrepreneurs and influencers, from all industries, and of all ages, who are shaping the future.

Considered one of the most important voices in influencer marketing today, Amanda is a leading authority on Modern Influencer Marketing Strategy — the novel approach to marketing that is taking the world by storm.

The Influencer Code

Her new book, The Influencer Code: Breaking through the Noise to Unlock the Power of Influencer Marketing to meet your business goals, is the official guide to influencer marketing complete with context, exemplary methodologies, & frameworks. More than a ‘how-to’ book, The Influencer Code is a how-to-think book, that will change the way you approach every idea, every campaign & make you a bulletproof marketing force.

In less than 5 years, she built & now sold 2 thriving businesses from scratch, & is one of the leading authorities in Influencer Marketing in the world.

It all began with a career ending injury.

A world-class distance runner, Amanda’s accomplishments had earned her an automatic spot in the 2008 Beijing Olympic trials—before a life-altering injury brought her career to a halt. Rather than giving up, Amanda took the curveball life threw at her as an opportunity to rewrite her story. Against all odds, she not only recovered but forged a new path launching a transformative online fitness and lifestyle community: Fit, Strong & Sexy.

It was through this platform that Amanda began her journey as a pioneer in Influencer Marketing. Recognizing the power of YouTube to grow an audience, Amanda realized opportunity that most top marketers of the time overlooked — the power to convert to her own platform. Her strategy paid off.

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After just two months, Amanda had grown her channel to 1 million views.

With accolades as one of YouTube’s “Next Top Fitness Channels,” it was clear she had her finger on the pulse. Today, more than 80,000 subscribers still wait breathlessly for her next upload.

This same innate digital acumen led Amanda, now a widely recognized marketing thought leader, to expand the application of her expertise to other markets.


She co-founded the Interesting Agency, offering full-service brand strategy, marketing, and content production services, eventually selling to take the helm as the CMO of the world’s largest legacy fitness brand — Valeo Securities, where she’s heading up a re-brand and international re-launch as Valeo Fit.

Always looking for a challenge, Amanda took her expertise to academia.

With Influencer Marketing becoming the buzzword du jour, she saw first-hand how many companies were wasting resources on fluffy, one-off campaigns that failed to achieve real results. She channeled her deep experience, stellar industry reputation, and dissatisfaction with the status quo into developing the world’s first fully accredited program in Influencer Marketing at UCLA.

Whether Amanda is motivating a roomful of C-suite decision makers to take on a high-impact collaboration, inspiring a group of renaissance women to achieve their potential, or teaching future marketing pros how to be unforgettable, Amanda is a tornado in a tutu and combat boots with a mission to help you find the key to your success.

Amanda graduated from the University of Richmond where she attended on a full athletic scholarship and holds a MBA with a concentration in marketing.   

— AS SEEN IN  — The New York Times, The Toronto Star, ELLE France, The Chicago Tribune, The Toronto Star, FORBES, Aspen Sojourner, Hamptons Magazine, The Huffington Post, Shape, SELF, Forbes,, and many more

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“It’s tough to use words to describe Amanda Russell. She is a true expert in the marketing and specifically influencer marketing. Amanda thinks about influencer marketing in an entirely different way and communicates it so effectively (and entertainingly) that people actually get it.

Its hard to describe, but Amanda is able to teach and demonstrate in a way where it just clicks.

Want a speaker who can both charm your audience and propel them to action? Meet Amanda Russell!

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