Marketing Makeover

It’s getting harder and harder to reach and engage your customers in this rapidly changing and noisy world. If your website, emails, proposals or social media updates aren’t getting you the outcomes you’re looking for, it’s very likely that instead of breaking apart from the noise, you’re getting lost in it. Have Amanda complete a full assessment of your materials and a comprehensive checklist of actionable recommendations you can implement immediately to start seeing results.

Core Competencies:

  • Brand Audit
  • Marketing Assessment
  • Market Segmentation
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Target Marketing
  • Social Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Community Management
  • Influence Marketing
  • Ambassador Campaigns
  • Customized Partnerships
  • Brand Strategy & Planning
  • Digital Architecture Development
  • Digital Product launch strategy
  • Original Content Creation
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Cross-Platform Content Strategy
  • Event Campaigns
  • Brand/Industry Research
  • Content Strategy

Award Winning Influencer Marketing

This is a hot topic, but widely misunderstood. When done correctly, it will make your brand soar, and become and category leader.

We don’t network, we build valuable relationships. Gone are the days of competition, we believe marketing is a two way street – those who provide value, collaborate and build meaningful relationships become the leaders and cultivate long term success and loyalty.

With our approach, competition becomes irrelevant.

Content Marketing

AR’s Content studio is the ultimate place for taking ideas and visions from concept to content creation across platforms from traditional print to desktop and mobile. We think differently and work at the personal level to turn passion and storytelling into the most captivating content in the world.

Bottom Line: Whether you blog or post on social media platforms, email, publish a whitepaper, ebook or newsletter, do podcasts, webcasts or shoot video, content marketing allows you build trust and credibility in your business, demonstrate your “expert status” and accelerate your relationship

Social Media

Successful social media marketing requires implementing two core activities well.

  1. Creating great multimedia content
  2. Building large and engaged social networks

This is achieved by planning well researched and winning strategies that include using powerful tactics that are relevant for your targeted audience and goals.

It also means applying the correct tools that save you time and money.

Social media marketing done right is an integrated approach that includes core digital marketing components such as:

  • Content marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email marketing
  • These all need to be woven into the mix.

Tapping into the amplification of social media is not an isolated approach that is only about capturing more Facebook likes. It is about building an online brand through “crowd sourced marketing” that is continuous and sustainable.


When someone thinks of your brand, what do they feel? Your brand is a powerful combination of the words, visuals and emotions that one associates with your company. Defining your brand — finding that niche in which your company excels, “positioning” your brand for maximum exposure and effectiveness, and then creating the message, images and experiences that communicate that excellence, assures your place in the minds…and hearts…of customers.

At the heart of each strategy is our commitment to delight our clients by consistently articulating who they already are, in a more powerful & differentiated way that deflects competition and is easy to talk about, whether it’s the CEO or an employee.


If you are looking for someone to write copy that tells…and sells…your story – look no further! From a grabber headline to an attention-getting call to action, compelling content is king, and Amanda has a gift to deliver! Engaging website visitors, demonstrating your industry expertise with a weekly blog, showcasing your business knowledge via a new brochure, publishing an ebook or putting your best face forward in a moving presentation…all require entertaining, engaging, well-structured, grammatically-correct content. And because you want to get found online, your digital content must include keyword-rich copy, links, conceptual visuals and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).