1-on-1 Reputation, Branding & Marketing Coaching with Amanda Russell

Quick question:

Are you optimizing your skills, resources and time in a way that has given you the profile, awareness and revenue that you want? I help you build your reputation, your visibility and your bank account.

Whether you know it, or not, you already have a brand, everyone does. Simply having one is insufficient, to succeed and be an influencer, you need to stand out!
You don't want to be known just as 'the person who does marketing", "the designer who builds websites', "the physician who runs on time".

There are a million of you, and in a globalized world, you need to stand out in a way, which makes you replacing you not an option.
You don't want to compete on price; rather, you want to be priceless. You want people to seek YOU out in your field. That's why you need to establish yourself as a thought leader. Good employees, good entrepreneurs and good executives are just that. Thought leaders are irreplaceable — and indispensible.

So how do you build a reputation as a singular expert — someone who doesn't just participate in the conversation, but drives it?
No matter how brilliant and talented, you won't be sufficiently appreciated both within your business and by your industry and peers, until the broader public recognizes you and seeks YOU out.

Amanda’s personal brand and small business coaching will provide clarity about your unique voice and message, who your ideal customers are and why they should choose you unquestionably over all other options.

This is when the magic happens.

I don’t mean pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Rather, positioning you EXACTLY how your goal vision of yourself is, and making sure the audience is not only aware of you, but perceives you in this way, offering you the opportunities, platforms and projects you often did not know were out there.

Don’t believe me? Think about the ‘celebrity-nutritionist’ on every morning show, or ‘top doctors’ in a given article? Or maybe think of a major promotion you’ve witnessed. It’s not necessarily, (or even mostly) the most skilled or deserving person, rather it’s the person who has managed to leverage their position and their profile.

That’s where I come in…

I help you build yourself as the leader in your industry, master proven tools & strategies and take massive action to create a powerful brand

"But Amanda, I want someone to tell me exactly what I need to do."

Not to worry…I’m here to clarify your vision and help map out a path to get you from where you are today to your end destination. I fast track your results by providing you with my time-tested and proven framework, all the while holding you 100% accountable to your goals (because a vision without real action is just a dream).

I will be your truth-teller. That means total honesty. It’s my job to both empower you and get you over the blockages that have kept you from where you should be.

I’ll give you the map to get to your destination and I’ll be there with you, helping to guide you along the ride. But I won’t drive the car for you. It’s your journey to take (and an exciting one at that!)

I’ll pull you up from the quicksand when you start to get off track, or lose focus. I’m here to give you your regular dose of clarity.

I will dig deep. Because understanding the ‘why’s’ behind where you are and what you’re looking for is the secret to your growth.

And, we’ll have a lot of fun in the process – because work should always be a joy.


Coaching and Consulting Packages

Brand Clarity & Strategy Package
Investment – $1,550 (payment plans are available)
If you are Ready to Elevate Your Profile Within Your Industry, Position or Career, this package includes:
1/2 Day Brand Audit Session: Brand discovery, coaching and brand clarity exercises
2 months of Private Coaching: Brand action plan, coaching (2 – 1 hour sessions with Amanda)
Walk away with:
clarity around your strengths and marketable skills
new language to describe your value to a potential employer
a personal marketing and publicity strategy to help you attract attention
tips for more effective networking and relationship building
a plan to step up and stand out from other candidates so you can land the job of your dreams
Includes access to VIP Renaissance Women society, accountability support systems, and email and text support between sessions.
Investment – $1,550 (payment plans are available)
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Brand on Fire Marketing Package
Investment – $595 / month (3 month minimum)
If marketing is your focus, I will give you the tools and the guidance to build a plan that gets your business results. The Brand on Fire Marketing coaching program includes two 1-hour sessions per month for a period of three months.
Call #1: Defining vision + goals
Call #2 + 3: Identifying strategies, tools and tactics
Call #4 + 5 + 6: Live, customized training & coaching
Includes access to VIP Renaissance community, call recordings, personal challenges, accountability support systems, and email support between sessions.
Investment – $595 / month (3 month minimum)
*Please note my program is limited to 10 Clients per year.
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Re-Position and Kickstart Package
Investment – $350
Are you frustrated because you know you have a gift…
Are you frustrated because you know you have a gift, but you just haven’t figured out how to package it and get it out into the world? Have you tried to gain traction in your career search or around your services, but fallen flat because you just didn’t know how to go about marketing yourself? Do you ever think “If only more people knew about me and what I can do, I could really make an impact…”
Or maybe you just need a KICK START…SOMETHING TO REV you UP AND GET you STARTED.
Let’s dig deep into your challenges and come up with an action plan to elevate you and your biz to new heights. One coaching session, 1 hour in length (plus a little buffer time). Investment is $350. Simply book your time below!
This is perfect for someone repositioning from employee to entrepreneur, someone who has an existing small business, or wants to start one.
Package Includes:
action items to turn your business idea into an income stream
traditional and social media marketing tweaks
practical how-to tools to add to your public relations toolbox
business development resources
step-by-step networking assignments
a plan for social media
media outreach tool
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