Top global brands flock to Amanda Russell not just for her expertise and extensive experience with numerous ventures and partnerships, but also for her ability to deliver valuable information and a persuasive message: she is truly an impressive speaker and memorable speaker.

She is a well-versed marketer and talented communicator who has the presence, knowledge, and ability to share with her classes valuable insights from her experience in building her digital media brand into a full-service marketing agency with resonance worldwide. She is a well-versed and recognized speaker on the topic of brand strategy and digital marketing – at University of Richmond, she was invited to speak at the American Marketing Association meeting that was opened to the Richmond community; she shared compelling stories of what it means to build a valuable brand. Her impeccable and inspiring presentation was very well received.

Lascu, Ph.D, MBA
Managing Editor, Journal of Global Business and Technology
Associate Editor, Journal of Global Marketing
Professor of Marketing
Robins School of Business

Amanda Russell’s has proven yet again how to take a dream & vision and turn it into a reality with her launch and execution of the Renaissance Women (RW) Summit. Her approach and personality set the tone as both dynamic and powerful yet refreshing and warm. I left the summit with profound and transformative knowledge in so many diverse and personally applicable areas. I met women from every industry who actually wanted to uplift each other and be a part of a strong and elevated sisterhood. I met incredible people and heard very authentic, motivating stories. I learned a few things about myself that have shifted a few things in the way I conduct my own personal and professional life. I am honored to be apart of RW and look forward to being part of anything Amanda puts her energy and beliefs towards

On another note: Can I also add a personal tidbit that I loved and appreciated? About halfway through, Amanda, looking every bit the stunning beauty that she is known to be, in a tailored white dress and sky high stilettos, puts on her combats boots, and walks around to EVERY person, at EVERY table to personally sit and introduce herself to each and every woman. I loved it! She is a different kind of woman, she has a natural charisma and magnetism, & even as a television producer, I’ve met few people in my lifetime with such a quality on this level, and it is very needed today. RW and Amanda make you feel special, like you are important and can do anything -and she’s leading the charge of bringing dynamic women together to do more than just talk.”

Jacquelyn Aluotto
Television Producer, New York City

If you’re hiring a marketing consultant or brand coach, you want great ideas and a stellar track record, but most important is having somebody who takes the time to get to know your brand, your vision and can put your results first. Amanda Russell provides that kind of service. Give a call and I’m sure you’ll see just what I mean.

Dr. Sanaz Harirchian
Top Facial Plastic Surgeon, Houston TX

Amanda is a prototypical “go-getter” who doesn’t hesitate to reach for any objective — and more importantly, get things done! I am currently working with Amanda on a book and other projects, and have found her to be a rapid-fire thinker with a voracious appetite for business intelligence and insights. Her high energy and her devotion to results, combined with her experience and expertise as a digital media influencer, would make her a valuable addition to any campaign or project.

Freddy Nager, MBA
Founder, Atomic Tango Marketing Science Agency
Professor of Marketing, University of Southern California

I contacted Amanda Russell because I saw her speak on a panel for the American Marketing Association (AMA) at UCLA and she absolutely stood out, everything she said resonated and shed a new perspective. I was drawn to her personality that seemed to not only have the knowledge but also the sincere passion and insight needed to help others. I also appreciated that Amanda had a corporate background, as I do too. Our initial consultation was exactly what I had hoped for, and more. We dug deep into my vision, goals, ideas and seeming limitations for my career and business. We discussed at length a ramp-up plan and different strategies to market the business to my ideal clients. I left the day feeling excited and confident that Amanda really understood where I wanted to take my business, and had given me concrete action steps in moving it forward. After speaking in depth to my husband, and doing thorough research, I ended up hiring Amanda as my coach and consultant, not only launch my new venture but have her on board monthly to ensure its growth and success.

Amanda has become more than a coach, she truly feels like my business partner, and I am so grateful to have her talent, her experience, and her ability to really understand my brand, my audience and the needs to get it from start-up to thriving business.

Julia Goodman
Founder/Chief Editor, International Heels

I was in the very early stages of launching a new business and attended Amanda’s branding workshop to try to gain some clarity for my new venture and career path. I was so impressed with how knowledgeable and insightful Amanda was. Rather than just give ‘best practices’, Amanda took the time to really get to know everyone( through a previously submitted online questionnaire) before the workshop so that we could get down to business right away. Amanda’s creative and personalized ideas along with her contagious passion for growth and success left me more clear, confident and energized to move forward toward launch! I’m looking forward to having Amanda in my back pocket as a valuable business asset!

Andrea Wise
Owner, ASCEND Studios