• I believe in creating experiences that transform brands, and taking people and business beyond where passion, imagination and wonder can take them.
  • I believe in challenging, provoking and surprising clients to know no boundaries.
  • I believe standing still is taking a step backward.
  • I believe growth defines who we are and what we do every day.
  • I believe vision requires courage…we imagine what others cannot see, and deliver what other may not believe is possible.
  • I believe you Properly Define Your Brand the competition becomes irrelevant.
  • I believe there should not be a separation from your company brand and personal reputation
  • I believe good design is good business
  • I believe brand philosophies are powerful tools, not just for building brands but for building organizations
  • I believe charisma engages, but authenticity sells
  • I believe collaboration trumps competition
  • I believe limits are self-imposed
  • I believe in trusting that little voice inside your head that says 'wouldn't it be interesting if....' and then making it happen
  • I believe that there are no problems, only solutions
  • I believe that your destiny is not about the cards that you were dealt, but how you play them

Together I will help you reach your full potential, then set the bar higher and reach it again. Above all, I believe that to thrive is the only way to feel alive.

Today, I am a marketing consultant, professor of Branding and Social Media, and coach that helps businesses in all stages of their life create culturally connected brands that impact the world.

Beyond the marketing, branding and consulting work, I also love educating through live workshops as well as speaking globally on subjects ranging from inspiration and personal empowerment to entrepreneurship, business growth strategies and marketing.

My mission is to raise the standard. When people look at our clients and their brands, they say “Now, that is a company who raises the bar, in business and in the overall impact on the world, This is what the world needs more of: people living and thriving on passion and purpose, making a positive impact on the world in every way, without limitations.

In closing, at AR Consulting, marketing and personal brand growth is our love and our clients are like family – our personal lives align with our professional and our professional lives with our personal. No matter what element or stage of your business we are working with you on, the end goal is the same: To create experiences that transform your brand, growing your business beyond where even you may have thought possible.

With respect, gratitude and excitement,